Balbir Madhopri honoured with Sahitya Ratan Sanmaan by Hardyal Municipal Heritage Public Library, Delhi as Writer of Punjabi on 10/12/2016. In this Function senior persons of Corporation and Writers of different languages were present.

Balbir Madhopuri presenting his paper/views on Dalit Autobiographies in 6th World Punjabi Literary Conference at Punjabi University, Patiala on 9/12/2016.

Balbir MADHOPURI' retirement on 31/07/2015. Ehsan Khusro presented a kasida to Madhopuri with his colleagues.

Balbir Madhopuri receiving the Sahitya Academy Award for Translation 2013 in Guwahati (Assam) from Sahitya Academy President on 22 August 2014.

The Sahitya Akademy Awards for Translation 2013 have been announced. Among the 23 awardees Sh. Balbir Madhopuri, a renowned Punjabi writer has received the award for “Raj Kamal Chaudhary Dian Chonvian Khananiyan”. He is presently working as Editor, Yojana (Punjabi), published by the Publications Division.

Balbir Madhopuri

(Born: 1955)

BalbirMadhopuri was born in 1955 in Madhopur, a small village in district Jalandhar, Punjab. His experiments with truth began at the tender age when he worked as a child labourer and an agricultural worker. Despite humble beginning he managed to acquire a post graduate degree in Punjabi. His writings are primarily focused on the issue related with the oppressed, depressed classes especially Dalits. Madhopuri is a Punjabi poet with three collections of poetry. His autobiography ChhangiyaRukh in Punjabi has gone through seven editions. ChhangiyaRukh (Against the Night by Oxford University Press in 2010) has also been published in some Indian languages including Hindi and Shahmukhi (in Pakistan in 2010). It has been serialized by eight Punjabi, Hindi, Shahmukhi magazines and certain chapters have been published in some English magazines and newspapers.

In a nut–shell, Madhopuri has authored 14 books in his mother tongue.  Apart from his original works he has translated more than two dozen books into Punjabi from Hindi and English. The rich background of Doabi reverberates inhis compositions both in poetry and prose.His translations also take one into the flow and one can feel his translation works as original in simple language. He has also edited 38 books in Punjabi. His research papers on Ghadr Movement, Revolutionaries, Naxal poet Pash, Dalit Movements in Punjab and Indiaetc. have been published and included in books edited by different scholars. He has also done some translation work of Black Literature. His works addvalue to Indian literature especially the Punjabi. Thus theseworks are considered a major contribution in Indian,especially in Punjabi literature.

His works have earned him some awards including KavPurskar(1994)and Translation Award (2000)from Punjabi Academy, Delhi, Best Book (ChhangiyaRukh) of the year-2003,Punjab Languages Department, Govt. of Punjab. He has also been honoured by Department of Punjabi, Kurukshetra University, Department of Hindi, University of Ranchi etc.

Selected Works:

Original Main Works:Maroothal da Birkh (1992), BhakhdaPatal (1998) and MeriChonviKavita (2011),ChhangiyaRukh (autobiography) (2002), Ad Dharm de Bani-Ghadri Baba Mangu Ram (2010),SahitakMulakatan 1995), Damunder de Sang Sang (A travalouge-1996), DilliIkVirasat (1998).

TranslatedMainWorks:Lajja (1996), Edwina and Nehru (1997 ),Shahidan de Khat (1998 ), Krantikarian da Bachpan (1999),NeeliJheel (1999),Diabetes de Sang Jeen Da Dhang (2002), Manukh di Kahani (2001), Natakan de DeshVich(1996), BhartdianPuranianYadgaaran(1999), Samunder de Tapu (1994),Man di Dunia (2004),Guru Ravidas di MoolVichardhara (2004), NawabRangile (2004)KarantikariAzeemula Khan (2009),RajkamalChoudhary  Dian ChonvianKahania (2010), My Childhood on My Shoulders (2012),SubhashNeeravdianChonvianKahanian(2013),Inni Kaur’s  Guru Nanak–sakhian (2014), SwarnDevta Dalit DevtatehorKahaniyanetc.

Edited Main Works:

Bharti Vigyan De ChananMunare, Satguru Ram Singh TeKukaLehar,Guru Nanak Ton Guru Granth Sahib Tak,Shahidan De Khat, Bhagat Singh : Amar Vidrohi,ShaheedKartar Singh Sarabha,Dyal Singh Majithia, Bharat Dian PuranianYadgaaran,BharatChhadoAndolan, Bharti Sabhyachar Di Jhaki,BharatVichAngrezi Raj (Part-I), Bharat VichAngrezi Raj (Part-II),Bharat Dian LokKathavan, Punjab De LokNach, Bharat De LokNach,KalpnaChawla,Bharat De Gaurav Granth,1857 Da SutantartaSangram,Vigyanian Dian JeevanKathavan,Bharat De Panshi,RavinderNath Thakur Dian Bal Kahanian….ect.

Presently, BalbirMadhopuriis working as a Civil Servant with Government of India and serving (Indian Information Service) as Editor of Yojana (Punjabi), a monthly magazine along with Punjabi booksbeing published by Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

He is residing in New Delhi.